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Our Team

Liam Horgan - Manager

Liam has spent 10 years working in wine across hospitality, big chain retail and independants. While completing his Bachelor of Wine Science degree at CSU, as well as the odd dodgy vintage when time allows, Liam should be prevented from bringing up; nebbiolo, sparkling shiraz or fortified wines at all costs.

Nick Mercer

Nick has also been working in wine for more than a decade, including time spent managing stores for Vintage Cellars on the North Shore. A wealth of knowledge and experience behind him, he has an unequaled command of classic Australian labels and vintages garnered over the course of inumerable tastings and mastercalsses during his time in the field.

Tin Yek & Dennis Choo - Owners

Tin and Dennis have been with the business from the very beginning in 2006, having opened the store in partnership with their good friend, the legendary Garth Oldfield. Avid collectors and wine lovers themselves, you'll often see them in store dissecting the finer points of the world's greatest Bordeaux and Burgundies for those wise enough to listen.